Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Woo-hoo, Yeah Hooray!!

Right now, I'm famished. I had some food about two hours ago and though I really need to eat NOW, I have to share a "woo hoo" moment with you:

I was chatting with my cleaning lady at the door just before she left today and she told me how good I look. She noticed that I am losing weight. I am conflicted about complimenting people on their weight loss, since I sometimes wonder whether the unspoken message is how bad they looked before. But I think that a bit of positive reinforcement never hurt either and I usually know when the compliment is heart-felt and given with love. That's the kind of compliment I got today.

So woo-hoo, it's off to eat I go! And then off to take a walk to the pet food store so that my svelte, yet highly neurotic cat won't starve.


  1. Nothing better than an unsolicited compliment about weight loss. I always fumble around for a clever response, but I always, always, always appreciate the sentiment.

  2. Congratulations! Get use to it, there's going to be so many more coming your way!

    My best

  3. My goodness you look grate. Are you losing weight? Woo-hoo back at ya! Good job.

  4. Did I just spell "great" as "grate"???? sorry!
    May I try again? You look WONDERFUL!