Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scale Bingeing

When I get on a roll, I just can't stop. So here's post #3 for today!

Did I invent the term "scale bingeing"? If not, I used it for the first time today and haven't heard it anywhere else. I think it's sort of cool.

I try to keep my scale checking at bay. Once every two weeks is plenty for a body and a mind to take. Everyone can go up or down a pound or two every day (maybe more, if you're over my magnificent 4'10"!), so it's no use checking every day. It's just like recovering from an operation--something I have too much experience with: you have to compare your progress week over week, and eventually month over month. Comparing progress daily is counter-productive. There are days when the pain is almost gone and then, bang!, you need a couple of pain-killers or you just have to rest instead of walking that extra block.

So it's a really weird experience when I go into scale bingeing mode. For me, this means weighing myself every day and (gasp) sometimes several times a day. Something has to set me off, like Jack Sh*t's Half-Pound Challenge. It's OK, Jack, I forgive you! Anyway, I checked a few times during the week of the challenge, but then I couldn't stop. Arg. The day after the challenge ended, I was down another 0.2 kilos (that's .44 pounds for anyone over the age of 10 who grew up with pounds and inches) and then no change, no change, no change. OMG, I was scale bingeing!! Check in the morning, check before lunch. Weird, weird.

This morning I was able to get it under control. I haven't checked my weight today. I will not check it tomorrow. I will wait at least a week, but my goal is two weeks.

Things certainly could be worse. It's only scale bingeing, after all!


  1. Scale Bingeing. You my friend have just coined a new term! I'll forever give you credit for that one!!

    Jack!!! See what you started!!! LOL

    You started off by revealing exactly why it's not good to weigh so often, so you know the negative effects. I always tell people to GET RID OF THE SCALE. Don't have one. Make weigh day an event where you go somewhere to weigh!! A doctors office (they usually will not charge for just popping in to use the scale)---or a county health department---or a hospital...Make weigh day special and official! And then forget about it for two weeks, then do it again.
    You couldn't pay me to weigh in between weigh days. I don't want to know. The only time I have was when I was a part of a local "Lose To Win" program, and it was required...But I didn't like it!!!

    So true, it is the safest kind of bingeing!

    But I hate to see you drive yourself nuts!!!

    My best always

  2. I believe I was honoured in my comments with the premier of the term "scale bingeing" by you.
    I've never heard it before either. I like it alot.
    Does this mean I'm on a scale-fast?

  3. Yes, Karen, you are on a scale-fast! I believe you are actually intuitively scaling. That's when you know you've lost weight my dropping a pants size!

  4. I don't mind the scale, and I weigh every day, and likely will for the rest of my life. Maybe the difference is that mine isn't digital, and I can't see a difference of less than 2 pounds. It's too easy for me to be in denial if I'm not monitoring daily, and I understand water weight and pms fluctuations, etc. Seeing that needle is comforting to me, keeps me honest with myself