Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

To say that I have been remiss in posting on this blog is the understatement of the year. Please forgive me, but the spirit just didn't move me enough to warrant much commentary.

Certainly the main reason for not posting much is that the original focus of my blog--weight loss--was abandoned a long time ago. And even the "new" focus--intuitive eating and HAES (health and every size)--has ceased to inspire me to write very much.

This being said, I continue to follow a number of weight-related blogs, mostly of the HAES or HAES-friendly variety. I also continue to follow the debates on weight, weight stigma, weight loss, intuitive eating, etc. It's just that I personally don't feel like "weighing in" (pun intentional) in writing very often.

My personal focus has shifted mostly to dealing with health issues that I would rather not dwell on too much in writing. I'm not convinced that it is particularly helpful to my state of mind to constantly update the world on the next step in my body's rebellion against health and mobility. This year, I'm scheduled to have a knee replacement. The date is still unknown, as is the result. I have not been lucky up to now with joint replacements, but this time I have a new surgeon who is particularly skilled in dealing with my unusual knee morphology. Unfortunately, to paraphrase the song, "the knee bone's connected to the hip bone" etc. and even the most skilled of surgeons are extremely poor at dealing with whole body issues. They just fix parts and if the part they fix leads to further deterioration in another part, well it's tough noogies. I think you can see, from what I've just written, that it's not very good for me to wax too "poetic" on all of this. :)

I think I'd like to continue to write here, albeit sporadically. I like writing and I hope that my (very) little band of intrepid readers will continue to find what I have to say interesting.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and satisfying 2014.

May the force (whichever one you prefer) be with you!