Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New York Times Weighs In: Two Interesting Articles

Intuitive eaters rejoice: read this!

And let's not forget HAES (healthy at every size) and read this interesting article.

...because I do believe that there's a huge (pardon the pun) difference between someone who's morbidly overweight, sitting in a corner and eating themselves to death and someone who's definitely heavy by our society's standards, but is also active and really participating in life.


  1. Absolutely. Monumental difference.
    I haven't read the article yet. But I know and have known people that never leave the house. They've literally imprisoned themselves in a dark desperately hopeless world where the only thing they look forward to is their favorite TV show, online games and the next meal. In many cases these people are formerly active people--their only disability being their obesity---a disability that became so out of hand-they decided they could no longer function in society. It's the saddest thing to see. They're so lost, they've given up--they're waiting to die.
    And then I know morbidly obese people who still lead active schedules. They're involved in their jobs, in social clubs, in community events---all the while being extremely limited by their obesity. I guess I was lucky enough to be one of the those active obese, despite being over 500 pounds for so long. It's still a prison of obesity---but with day pass privileges. I wonder at what point it would have all changed for me. Certainly each of these home bound imprisoned people had a defining moment that ended their obese-active lifestyle. Maybe an injury or accident of some kind. Or a heart condition, something. It's scary to think about--but mainly heartbreaking.
    I'll go read the article now!!


  2. Interesting article. I've said it before: If you're "dieting" as a means to lose weight, with that being your only focus and success measuring stick--it will be a temporary loss. Too many weight loss plans and programs focus on what is needed to drop the weight, without considering the mental aspects of the process. You can change the body-but if you don't also change the mind---then the weight will come back.
    I do have a hard time with the term "fat-acceptance." I believe that some people have grown tired of the yo-yo results from these "diets" and they totally miss the psychological fundamentals that could get them to their ideal weight for the rest of their life. They say---"Oh well, I'm just gonna love me as I am," Basically-they give up. I'm not saying that they can't achieve a decent level of health and still be fat---but don't tell me they're really happy with their obesity...I don't buy it.
    I loved and totally agree with the people that are rendering the 30 billion dollar weight loss industry useless---I count myself as one of those people. What anyone needs to lose weight and get healthy doesn't cost anything but these:
    1. Learning how to eat responsible portions (really takes #3 for this to happen)
    2. Moving-exercise--something everyday--anything!
    3. Self-honesty--A place where we no longer lie to ourselves about our behaviors. It's sometimes the toughest place for people to find--but once you find true self-honesty---and you throw away all the excuses and rationalizations that have given reasons to stay obese---and you stop blaming everything and everyone for the obesity--and finally accept 100% responsibility---wow---You can't help but reach your goal weight--your optimal weight--your most healthy weight!

    Please forgive me for two really long comments here---I can't help it---I'm so passionate about this topic.

    Bless you and thank you for your wonderful spirit and blog!!

  3. I sit back and look at the people (myself included!) trying to make a very simple process VERY DIFFICULT.
    Why can't we just do what works and stop doing what sucks? Ah, if only it were that easy.
    Love your blog, by the way!

  4. Sean - always great, thoughtful comments. Write as much as you want!

    Anne - I'm with you, but I'm launching an experiment that will make things even more complicated, at least temporarily. Stay tuned!