Monday, July 20, 2009

An Attack of Scale Bingeing

Help! I am fighting off an attack of scale bingeing! It's 9:10 a.m. and I haven't had breakfast yet, so the tum is nice and empty. I had to e-mail a small translation over to a client this morning before 9 a.m. so I just had a coffee and got to work. Having accomplished that mission, I thought I'd check out some of my favourite blogs before having breakfast and WHAM!, the attack hit!

I cannot weigh myself before Wednesday. That is the absolute earliest--two weeks after ending a 3-day scale binge. If I want to be even braver, I will wait until Saturday, just before our official family vacation begins and the end of the "Week of Eating Consciously".

The smartest thing for me to do right now is finish this post, turn off the computer and go and have breakfast.

Day 3 of eating consciously is about to begin.

On your mark, get set, GO!


  1. Back away from the scale!! NOW!! You only get one warning :)
    Hope you have a great breakfast and an awesome day!!

  2. I tell ya, I want to kick scale's butt for tempting you like that.
    put the damn thing out of reach!!!
    Tell your husband to hide it.
    You know intellectually that number does not matter right now.

    re: size of jeans ~ 33L lowrisers
    I have another pair from another friend and they are slightly smaller and they're a size 13 ~ maybe a 32".
    I find the sizes today are vanity sized.
    Back in my 20's (the 80's) my 150-ish pound body wore a size 11/12. Now I see some people say they wear a 14 at 200 lbs.
    NOT in my day, you didn't.