Sunday, March 16, 2014

Margaret Cho on Eating Disorders

When she says that the TV execs told her that she was too fat and then her show was replaced by the Drew Carey Show ("like he's so thin"), I just wanted to kiss her!

Yeah, Margaret!

And here's some more Margaret. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues): Love Your Tree in "America the Beautiful"

I won't ask why most women hate their bodies. The answer for us here in the West is multifaceted and tragic.

Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) went to the third world and asked a very wise woman whether or not she loved her body. The final answer: "love your tree".

Truer words were never spoken.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

To say that I have been remiss in posting on this blog is the understatement of the year. Please forgive me, but the spirit just didn't move me enough to warrant much commentary.

Certainly the main reason for not posting much is that the original focus of my blog--weight loss--was abandoned a long time ago. And even the "new" focus--intuitive eating and HAES (health and every size)--has ceased to inspire me to write very much.

This being said, I continue to follow a number of weight-related blogs, mostly of the HAES or HAES-friendly variety. I also continue to follow the debates on weight, weight stigma, weight loss, intuitive eating, etc. It's just that I personally don't feel like "weighing in" (pun intentional) in writing very often.

My personal focus has shifted mostly to dealing with health issues that I would rather not dwell on too much in writing. I'm not convinced that it is particularly helpful to my state of mind to constantly update the world on the next step in my body's rebellion against health and mobility. This year, I'm scheduled to have a knee replacement. The date is still unknown, as is the result. I have not been lucky up to now with joint replacements, but this time I have a new surgeon who is particularly skilled in dealing with my unusual knee morphology. Unfortunately, to paraphrase the song, "the knee bone's connected to the hip bone" etc. and even the most skilled of surgeons are extremely poor at dealing with whole body issues. They just fix parts and if the part they fix leads to further deterioration in another part, well it's tough noogies. I think you can see, from what I've just written, that it's not very good for me to wax too "poetic" on all of this. :)

I think I'd like to continue to write here, albeit sporadically. I like writing and I hope that my (very) little band of intrepid readers will continue to find what I have to say interesting.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and satisfying 2014.

May the force (whichever one you prefer) be with you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Young Man is Home

Well, two months just flew by and my 18 year old son has returned from his adventures in Europe. Things went extremely well, aside from a snafu on the last day of his trip, but even that got sorted out and my young man came home on two flights that were so on time, he was actually in the arrival area looking for us by the time we got there.

Of course, I'm relieved to see him, and all in all, I was not a total mess at all while he was away. We kept in touch via Facebook and he always gave us the address of the hostels he stayed at. This was not just a safety precaution: it was also a way for me to enjoy his travels a little bit without actually getting on a plane and going to Europe myself. The secret? Google street view. With the name of the hostel, I could look it up on Google maps, then go to "street view" and take a virtual walk around the neighbourhood. It was wonderful.

My son was in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Cracow, Auschwitz (which he called harrowing--probably the perfect word to describe it), Florence, Rome, Nice and Amsterdam. By the time he got home, he was royally tired of living out of a backpack, though not happy to have to leave Europe. I think he'll go back, probably to France, for his 3rd year of university in September 2016. I will again be totally jealous and thrilled that he'll have that amazing opportunity.

In the meantime, I'm counting the days until the spring of 2015 when my husband and I are planning to spend a month in Paris during his sabbatical. As long as my health holds up (between now and then, I'm getting a knee replacement though I don't have the exact date), I will be celebrating spring in Paris, my favourite city in the world.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Women and Body Image

This youtube video is quite extraordinary. Watch it!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Today He Is a Man

In Jewish tradition, a boy has his bar mitzvah at the age of 13. Once he has had his bar mitzvah, he is considered a man--and this probably was very true back in the days when my ancestors lived in ancient Palestine, tilling the land, eating figs and tending goats.

Today, of course, at least in the Western world, a boy aged 13--whether or not he has had a bar mitzvah--is probably only just getting around his home town on his own. And if he lives in an area not served by public transit, he's still counting on a parent or older sibling to drive him where he needs to go. He's still got about 4-5 years left before finishing high school and he probably doesn't know how to make much more than a peanut butter and jam sandwich. A man? You must be joking.

But today, my 18 year old son is becoming a man. As I write this, he's sitting in a window seat in the plane on his way to Paris. He'll be travelling for two months, mostly with a couple of his best buddies, but he starts his trip on his own for a few days in Paris. He'll then head to Munich and from there, well, we don't know yet. He'll just make up his mind as he goes. The guys are planning to spend the last two weeks of November in Amsterdam and my son will then travel back to Paris and take the plane home.

My son is fairly resourceful and aware of his surroundings. He's been travelling around our large city on his own since he was about 12. For the past month, he's been training in Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defence technique. I certainly hope he'll never have to use it. He speaks French and English and he's quite a personable young man. My logical brain tells me he'll be fine. The mom in me worries.

I also have to admit that I'm more than slightly jealous of my boy. As we were walking through the airport with him, my husband joked that the greatest danger he was in was from me bopping him over the head, stealing his ticket and getting on the plane myself! Not entirely untrue ;).

So give a thought to my marvellous D. and his many adventures. May he come home a man, safe and brimming with adventures--not all of which he will tell his mom and dad!