Monday, July 13, 2009

Aloe Juice

A few years ago, I started going to a naturopath who my cousin had recommended. I didn't see her for long, we just didn't mesh, but she did turn me on to something that has made a great and positive change in my life.

Warning: this post deals with poop, though only in the most delicate, tasteful way possible. If you don't want to hear about bodily functions, stop reading now!

One of the worst things about yo-yo dieting and fad dieting is how they do a number on your digestive tract. My mom used to call me a "fruit baby". I need my fruit. I like my fruit. But crazy dieting put my tummy in a knot and I spent many years eating a huge number of prunes in a sometimes vain attempt to get regular. Don't get me wrong, prunes are great and tasty too, but as fruits go, they have a whole lot of natural sugar.

During my operation year from hell (Nov. 2003-Nov. 2004), I spent a few months on Percocet, an extremely strong painkiller that stops your intestines dead in their tracks. Nothing helped. It was absolutely horrible. I was lucky to get off the Percocet without going into withdrawal (addiction can be a side effect), but it sure didn't help my tum.

Enter the naturopath.

She suggested I start drinking aloe juice, which I did and ever since then, my digestion has been wonderful. I drink 3 ounces in the morning and that's it. Works like a charm.

I did a little bit of reading about aloe juice on the Internet. Fans of the nasty tasting juice believe it can cure anything that ails you AND melt off the pounds. I don't think so. But it certainly works at keeping me regular.

Just thought you might like the information.


  1. Oh, I hear you. Regular is good! I swear by kiwifruit myself, all those little seeds are very efficient. One a day while they are in season. I know they're high in carbs, as fruits go, but worth it. Thanks for the info about aloe juice, I must check it out. I know my gran used to use it for soothing burns, sunburn etc. She would cut the fleshy leaves and rub the cut surface on on the skin.

  2. I never heard of that before, good to know. I have troubles in this department. Probably all of my yo yo dieting.

  3. I WILL try this. I think my blood pressure meds dry me out. You know what I mean? I drink a bunch of water, but still fight irregularity.

    Aloe Juice. I'm going to find some and drink it!

    Thank you very much!


  4. Never heard of it before, thanks! Don't have that particular issue myself, but I know folks who'd give anything for some help!

  5. Hi!

    Just came by to see your site. Thank you for your comment. Good luck with your continued success :-)

    Dr. J