Thursday, July 9, 2009


When did I stop being in family photos? Or at least, when did the number drop significantly? There are a couple of answers:

First, the babies. I went picture crazy when my kids were born. I love those guys to bits.

Second, I'm the family photographer so I'm usually behind the lens, not in front.

Third, I gained weight and began to detest the few pictures of me that sneaked through. Especially now with the Internet, well meaning family members would snap a few pictures at family gatherings and send them by e-mail. How I hated seeing that pudgy, ruddy face of mine. (My mom, of course, always said I had lovely rosy cheeks. Contrast that with the esthetician in Paris who gave me my first facial ever, back in the early 80s. She said I had "rougeurs diffuses"--blotchy skin. They really know how to make a girl feel good in Paris!)

Fourth, I'm getting old. The die-hard feminist in me is now actually thinking non-surgical face-lift. Arg!!!

But I'm happy to announce that things are changing!

I have decided to post my Obama T-shirt picture on my profile. I still would like something better, but I'm tired of hiding my face! Yes, it does make a difference to feel better about yourself. I have invested in some new clothes, including a pair of really skinny, low-slung jeans. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll post a picture of myself wearing them.

I'm not getting any younger, but I AM getting healthier and I'm not going to hide it either!


  1. As a Nurse, I have worked with many a die-hard Feminist: face lift, tummy tuck, boob job.
    In fact, I have changed the name to "Post-Feminist Emerging!" Sounds like a great idea for a blog!
    YOUTH, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. I quit being in family pictures when I was a little girl and gained weight. It wasn't my choice, I didn't know there was anything wrong with my weight, but apparently my father didn't feel like taking pictures of his fat daughter.
    As an adult, I try to be in pictures even if I'm uncomfortable because I know there will come a time when it will be important for me to see myself in old family photos. I'll want to remember times gone by and see myself as being part of those times.