Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taste Hunger

I was sitting at the airport yesterday, waiting for my flight home and having a minor attack of "taste hunger".

Here's what I define as "taste hunger": you're perfectly full and satisfied but your tastebuds want more. For me, this "more" is always something sweet.

Back to the airport: Before going through security, I sat down and drank a full bottle of water (500 ml or about 2 8 oz. glasses). Then I went through security, set off the alarm with my artificial hip--no big deal, happens all the time except at La Guardia once, of all places--and headed for lunch at the restaurant. I ordered a whole-grain panini with lots of veg and bocconcini cheese with two side salads. I really should carry a camera. The portions were huge. I ate about half and washed it down with another 500 ml bottle of water.

But lurking in the background was "taste hunger". My stomach was saying "full!! stop!!" and my head was saying "have some of that muffin that's in your bag". So what was a muffin doing in my bag, you ask. That was left over from the HUGE breakfast at the hotel, which again I only ate about half of.

Just in case you didn't already know, I am human. LOL. I nevertheless pulled a bit of superhuman strength out of my mental bag of tricks, opened up my computer and instead of eating the muffin, which my stomach did not want, I blogged about Eleanor Roosevelt and thanking you.

Did I banish the muffin forever? No. I ended up having most of it for supper--a very crazy supper on the plane consisting of a coffee, 3/4 of a muffin and a little, tiny bag of airplane chips. My plane was 1 1/2 hours late and I had to meet my husband for a Stephen King reading downtown. Stephen King rocks in so many ways!

After we got home from the reading, I had a bit more to eat. Not an "on plan" day, but I forgot...there is no plan.

So my question is: do you get taste hunger?


  1. I had "taste hunger" (great term, BTW) yesterday with pretzels and soup crackers, of all things. Really threw me for a loop.

  2. Taste Hunger is always besides me on the couch after supper! Always! Kudos for you and your super human strength to turn on the computer rather than tear into the muffin!

  3. Definitely I get taste hunger sometimes, and there is an association for me too about eating something sweet after a meal. Doesn't have to be a large amount. Recently I've discovered dark-chocolate-covered coffee beans and sometimes eat one of those for my "taste hunger".
    Blogging on the Eleanor Roosevelt post, rather than eating a cake you weren't really hungry for, was a really good choice!

  4. I always get that! And Stephen King=Awesome :)

  5. I get taste hunger with chocolate. I totally do not WANT the chocolate, but I get to where I have to taste it and then need some. (Need being relative, of course!)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I know just what you mean about taste hunger. What a great description. I dont have a solution to it apart from will power tho But well done you only eating half of the meals put on front of you.

  7. Of course! Usually I ignore it, and it goes away, if it stays around, I may indulge it, depending on circumstances. Especially if I can do that in ways that are not too damaging. If I want a taste of chocolate, maybe there's one of those 10 cent Reeses cups around, and I don't have to eat a whole muffin or ice cream cone, that sort of thing. Once I have to bring out the willpower, I'm likely to lose that battle, so I won't fight it.

  8. Taste hunger for chocolate or salt.

    so now, when that happens, I go brush my teeth and that relieves it a bit.

    I am trying not to eat after 6 pm - after that time, when I get home from work, is when I am stressed out which means I would normally head straight for the fridge. I am not hungry whatsoever but I want that taste or something to occupy me to relax. So now, I'm running around like a madwoman finding something else to make me feel better, a shower/bath, being on the crappy/cheap stair stepper for 10 minutes, reading a book, cleaning, talking to the kids, walking over to my b/f every 5 mins for a hug. lol. And I am cutting down my portion size when I do eat during the day, more meals but smaller.

    I am not considered overweight I suppose (5 7' 145 pounds) but I have dropped 6 pounds in the last week. I just want more energy, I want to feel lighter when I start playing volleyball again in the spring/summer and I want to stop pinching fat on myself. Are these the right reasons to drop some weight? Am I even doing it the right way? I'm not sure.

    My next goal is actually working out... I hate working out, but I love sports, but I'm too broke *sigh* to signup for indoor vball or anything else here in Colorado.

    The fact that I have had motivation even for a week is a miracle, especially with all the stress (financial and emotional).

    I guess I just wanted to say all that outloud to someone...

    Cindy in CO