Monday, November 23, 2009

Pants Dilemma

Jack Sh*t recently wrote about his extensive collection of pants that included a number of different sizes. I sympathize.

I too am going through a pants crisis. I am sadly lacking in dress pants that fit me properly. You have to understand that dress pants are an absolute necessity for me. I rarely wear dresses or skirts, not because I don't like to, but because of the shoes that one has to wear with them. Due to my back and hip, I gave up on high heels long ago, but even lowish but slim heels are pretty much out for me now, especially if I'm taking public transit to work. There's just too much walking for me to take a chance on cutesy dress shoes. I have a few pairs of nice, heavy-heeled shoes that allow me to walk fair distances without hurting myself and that look pretty good with dress pants. Which brings me back to the pants...

I haven't lost a ton of weight, but I've lost enough that my dress pants are getting pretty droopy. I have one pair that's hanging so far down on my hips that the hems are dragging dangerously on the ground.

I have one pair of beautiful, dark-green wool pants that are still too small. I wore them at my smallest, before babies changed my shape. I'm not sure they'll ever fit again, but they've at least been moved from the far-away closet in my home office to the one in my bedroom.

I need to put away--or better yet, give away-- my dress pants and invest in some new ones. I need an injection of bravery.

I need to say good-bye to the old pants and hello to the new.


  1. Do it, do it, do it! I recently bought new jeans and am so glad I did. I'll probably have to buy more when I make it to my goal weight another 20 lbs. down from now, but it's worth it. I feel so much better about the way I look.

  2. I think it's time for you to go shopping!

  3. It's hard to do, but pants that fit make you look and feel better. I hate buying clothes until I'm at the weight I'm going to be at for a while, but I've also come to the realization that I have no idea what weight I'm going to be at for a while. Can't take it with you... spend a little and upgrade the wardrobe.

  4. I'm resisting this too. At this point, I have lots of stuff that fits, but nothing is tight anymore, and another few pounds, it'll start getting loose. I'll wear everything until it's uncomfortable or just looks too ridiculous, and in the meantime, I'll start shopping garage sales and flea markets, about my price range at the moment.

  5. What a marvelous excuse to go shopping and treat yourself! Go for it.

  6. Just out of interest (feel free not to reply if I'm being too intrusive!) - what is stopping you getting more pairs of pants ? e.g money, time, hate shopping, any other reason.... Sounds like you know you need some new ones ! Enjoy treating yourself with care.

  7. I am in the same boat. I have lost close to 60 lbs. and still wearing the same pants. I took some updated progress pics in one of the pairs and they look worse then I thought.

    Treat yourself! You deserve it!