Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Headless Fatties

Why is it that fatties cut off their own heads in pictures? Is it because they want to remain anonymous and just concentrate on how shamefully fat they are?

The "headless fattie" pic is a cheap trick employed by people who want to illustrate articles on the obesity epidemic by using "horror" shots. It may also be a liability issue: If I stumble across a picture of myself (face and all!) that someone has taken without my knowledge and is using without my consent, I might have a right to sue them. But why are we doing this to ourselves?

I think it all comes down to self-loathing. Come on people! Do you really think that losing weight is going to miraculously turn you from a self-loather into a self-worshipper?

For years, I hated having my picture taken. I'm still not crazy about it. But aside from a picture of my hairy legs that I took just to see how weird they looked (and no, I'm not going to publish it), I do not have any headless fattie pictures of myself.

If you want to maintain your privacy, I can certainly understand, but please take a moment to think about your headless self and consider putting a head, a face and a personality on that body, no matter what size you are. Wherever you are on your weight-loss/self-acceptance journey, you are a person, not just a blob of fat.


  1. I just don't want to be recognized. I talk about things on my blog under a cloak of anonymity. Put my face up there and the anonymity part kind of goes away-- and my blog gets very, very safe, and not so interesting to write in or read.

  2. I can understsand that Larkspur - but 'New me" has it right. Accepting yourself AS YOU ARE is an important first step. Losing weight however you do it - calorie counting, replacement meals, Paul McKenna's methods. beyond chocolate - is impossible unless YOU BELEIVE YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING A SLIMMER PERSON.


  3. It's not about shame. I have all sorts of pictures of myself on my real facebook page for friends to see. But honestly, in the field of work I am in, it would not do me any favors to have a potential employer google my name and turn up my weight stats, talk about my binges, my emotional issues with food, and frank chat about my fat rolls.

    I have many, many friends from the past who have no idea I have become morbidly obese, as well. My blog is not meant to be some kind of sideshow for old friends and current acquaintences to get gossip fodder about the insane amounts of food I used to eat in a most unflattering way. It's for me to lose weight. I am proud of myself, my face, etc but because the blog is for ME, I have to decide if there is any benefit for me to having my face plastered on there. I am the one who has to live with the consequences of that. And for now, it just would not be worth it.