Monday, November 23, 2009

Pants Update, Where's the Iliac Crest? and Katharine Hepburn's Pants

Thanks for all the positive pants messages!

I was unable to check my messages from work today (some hotels have not entered the 21st century and still charge an arm and a leg for internet access, but I digress) and have only just come home to a mini-deluge of "buy new pants!" messages. I suspected that that would be the case and since I was downtown I went pants shopping right after work.

Francesca asked why I seem to hesitate. I think it's because I always have to get my pants hemmed--even if they're petites. That's just the way it is when you're a very petite person (but oh so cute!--just ask my husband...). It's just a minor pain in the behind to have to take the pants to the dry cleaner's and change into them in a cramped back room so that she can pin them up, blah, blah, blah. Hmm. It's a pretty lame excuse, methinks.

So yes, I bought one pair of pants and hold your breath...they're a size 6. I don't take this too seriously. After all, the divine dark green (bordering on grey, they're very chic) wool pants that are quite tight in the waist are a 10. And the black pants I wore today that are still acceptable though hanging more at the iliac crest level than at the waist are also a 10 and the nice jeans I bought about a month ago are an 8. Go figure. This size business is a load of hooey.

So yes, now I have a lovely pair of dark brown pants that fit (aside from the hemming which I'll take care of later this week).

I also rediscovered a pair of navy blue pants. I think they're called Katharine Hepburn pants-- nipped at the waist but very wide in the legs, as you can see here:

That's Katharine, not me. lol.


  1. Glad you got some new pants. The KH pants are lovely. I think I even owned some like this at one point.

    I only pants as I can't wear any type of heel either. My feet are as crazy as feet can be. I finally got a pair of orthotics that don't make me cry with each step...sixth time lucky!

    Hope you are feeling less blue!

  2. I love those Katherine Hepburn pants! She was so stylish...

    Glad you found something you liked!

  3. New pants, hoorah! Good for you!

    (Hope my hesitation question didn't seem rude.. I tend to hesitate because 1) I hate shopping and 2) I have difficulty getting pants to fit as my legs are longer than average!)

  4. New pants are fabulous. I'm so glad you bought some! I had some Kathryn Hepburn style pants a long time ago (pre-obesity) and they were great too!

    I hope you have a great Thursday and look for that post next week! (I got sidetracked by Thanksgiving this week!)