Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Blues

November tends to get me down. I'm usually extremely busy and end up feeling harried and overworked. This year, I just feel down. I'm not working every day, but I do have a major translation that's due soon, plus all my regular craziness work-wise. This evening I'll be taking the plane to go to a short and hugely nerve-wracking meeting on Thursday morning. The one saving grace is that I stay in a beautiful boutique hotel (all expenses paid) in a city that's been classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. Unfortunately, I don't really appreciate it, due to the nerves!

There are also some family things happening. They'll be worked out, but I'm a worrier.

My uncle died recently, I just found out one of my high-school teachers died this summer at 68, which isn't old at all, and my brother-in-law's dad will probably be celebrating his last Christmas this year. The generational torch is being passed my generation. I'm not ready to be so old.

I still have to be careful with how much walking I do. I'm restricted to super-light yoga. Not much moving around, alas.

So boo-hoo.

Now's the time to remind myself of how many good things I have in my life.

Oh, and I'm not planning to drown my sorrows in chips, chocolate or even too many walnuts, so not to worry.


  1. Sorry to hear about your losses. Hope the month starts looking up for you!

  2. This can be a nerve-wracking season. Focusing on the good things and the things you can be thankful for can help keep a positive outlook.

    The idea of drowning your sorrows in walnuts is a completely original one to me, so kudos there.

  3. This is the downward swing of the year, it's true. Sending you good wishes for your travel and family issues. Is there anything you can give yourself at this time that you really need - maybe time alone, or maybe time with other people, or something soothing like a massage?

  4. Glad you can still see the positive and the good in your life. Sending you good thoughts and positive vibes for your trip - which sounds exciting even if it IS nerve wracking. You will be fine. hugz xx

  5. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. It's a hard time of year emotionally for a lot of us. I'm sorry that you are having struggles. {hugs}

    Take care,

    By the way, I'm going to do a post on your ?? you posed on the blog the other day after Thanksgiving. (I'll link to you.)