Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sean and Kenz's Water Challenge

Well, I've been doing the PEWC (positive effect water challenge) that Sean and Kenz launched at the beginning of this week and I might as well announce my results so far: a perfect 8-glass a day or more record.

I have to admit, it isn't hard but it has gotten me "over the top" consistently since I started. Honestly, I was mostly a 6-glass a day kind of girl and just couldn't find the motivation to glug down those two little extra glasses.

Do I feel so much better with all this water? To be honest, not really. But you have to remember that I've been at 6 glasses a day for about 1 1/2 years. I joined the challenge because sometimes you don't see the positive effects, even though you know they're there. I have no doubt that drinking a decent amount of water is good for me and I've made it into a strong habit.

So thanks Sean and Kenz for the extra motivation you've given me.

Today, I'll be going on a long drive (about 2 1/2 hours) and this may make things a bit trickier. I'll have to drink less before I leave and make up for it when I get to my destination. That will be a real challenge since I really prefer drinking all my water loooong before bed. Otherwise...

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  1. You're awesome my friend. I was thrilled when you accepted the challenge, even more thrilled now! You were doing well before this challenge, and even though you may not notice a big difference between 6 and 8 a day---I bet your body does! A few more impurities flushed out, a little more sodium eliminated, a little more glow about you!!
    Thank you my friend!