Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An "LT" Recipe

Like many of you, I'm always on the lookout for recipes that are both healthy and flavourful. If the recipe is vegetarian, I consider it an added bonus. Though we are far from vegetarian, in the past few years, our family has been opting for more vegetarian meals, both for health reasons and because raising meat is such a strain on the environment.

Enter my gift to you: a truly wonderful, "LT" recipe for sweet potato curry with spinach and chickpeas. Dontcha just love the Internet?

This great, one-pot recipe has quite a kick, due to the liberal amounts of curry and cumin. Make sure these spices are well and evenly mixed in with the onion or you may just get some flavour bursts when you least expect them. You'll notice that the calorie and nutrient values are listed with the recipe. I really don't know where they got such a high sodium content. I bought extremely low-sodium tomatoes and rinsed the chickpeas well before adding them to the mix. And there is no added salt in the recipe. According to the information provided, the recipe makes six servings. Not so--I would say at least eight--and I live with two teenage boys and a husband with a hearty appetite. Serving the stew over brown rice (another "LT" food, unless you don't eat carbs) makes it last longer and adds to the nutritional value.

Now I know you're all wondering about the meaning of LT. No, it's not another Internet abbreviation like LOL (which is not "lots of love", as some old fogies think).

LT is a family joke.

My late mother-in-law's first language was French. Although she spoke English extremely well and actually lived much of her life primarily in English, she did have a slight accent and tended to drop the letter H at the beginning of words that did have one, while adding phantom H's where they didn't belong. She also had trouble pronouncing the English sound "th". This is very French-Canadian. Thus, her pronunciation of the word "healthy" actually sounded a lot like saying the letters L and T together.

So when my husband and I want to light-heartedly comment on the great nutritional value of something, we always say that it's LT.

I really hope you enjoy this LT recipe!


  1. I love the LT joke! I think every family has a few of those. My husband says "asparagress" for asparagus because that's how his mother says it. Now my son (mockingly) teasingly calls it aspara-GRASS. We eat it a lot because it's so LT.

  2. Thanks for the LT explanation :)
    I like that curry recipe! Sounds good. I shall be trying that sometime soon! We love curry, and the boys don't complain so much these days if I serve somthing meat-free. Let's see if I can sneak that one under the radar ;-)