Monday, July 12, 2010


Not surprisingly, in the weight-loss blogging universe, writers tend to ascribe most, if not all their problems to excess weight. And who am I to say whether they are correct or not? I just know (or hope I know) what applies to me.

I do, however, caution against choosing one "bugaboo" and hanging all our unhappiness on that one "problem"--and I admit to doing just that.

I'm going to admit that my thing is arthritis. I feel like arthritis is stopping me from achieving my physical potential.

I'm not trying to become a marathoner, but I'd love to become a fast 5K walker. I never, ever had a flat stomach. That's just heredity. But smoothing down the roundness would be nice. I'd never aim to bike several hundred kilometres per week but I'd enjoy getting on the stationary bike and doing 1/2 hour while watching TV. All this and more are beyond my abilities due to my orthopedic issues.

I don't belong to the "just suck it up and stop complaining school" either. My complaints are legitimate. (So too, no doubt, are yours, dear reader.) But maybe, just maybe, it's time for me to put my bugaboo in its place. This is who I am: handicapped, but not horribly so; overweight, but it could be much worse; trying my best and most importantly, learning to do it one minute at a time and with as much love and acceptance for myself as possible.

I don't want to let arthritis consume me. I want my days to be mostly focused on small successes and not large impossibilities.

I wish the same for you!


  1. "I don't belong to the "just suck it up and stop complaining school" either. My complaints are legitimate."

    I think people need to really embrace this idea. I'm not a fan of the "you're just making excuses" brigade. We have reasons that life is hard and goals are harder to achieve, and they are perfectly valid.

    Developing a full understanding of the characteristics of ones particular life which affect that life is very important. Once you understand them, and their full impact, then you can start to move forward taking all those things into account. There's no need to blame them, but it is necessary to embrace and understand them.

  2. NewMe - well said.

    I like that philosophy.."This is what I am - now I am going to get on with it." I think it's a much healthier outlook than the one taken by those who feel it's a crime or a sin to state the obvious, honestly and bluntly. Realism, not false hope has to be the way forward for me. I am guilty of perhaps thinking too much (if that's possible) but I quite like discovering more facets of me that come out through my writing and self-analysis.

    I think "Know yourself" is a good starting point. Thank you for that post. I think we all have our own stumbling blocks..and they aren't excuses for a lack of progress or reasons for exclaiming 'poor me'. I don't get that from reading your posts at all. There is lots of realism though, and I really appreciate that.

    Your 'Can Do' spirit shines through.

  3. I finally came to the conclusion that if I couldn't walk with my husband and dog I would find a way to use a ladies gym. I bit the bullet and paid the money for a one time session with a personal trainer and now have a program which suits me to a T. I needed to do something just for me, myself and I (so to speak.)
    It may not work for everyone...but it did for me. I just got tired of swimming...too many people to deal with. This way,I plug my MP3 player in to my ear, listen to my classical station and I'm good to go. Cost-wise, I pay monthly so I'm not signed into a contract or anything..... Good luck!!!

  4. I had a therapist once ask me "if you were not complaining about something, what would you talk about?" (If that sounds a little rough, well, its out of context, and trust me when I tell you the woman knew what she was talking about...) I got it right then and there...I was a WHINER and I complained when I was just trying to make conversation. Now, I'm not saying I had nothing to complain about. Life has thrown me my share of curve balls. But instead of focusing on what I COULD do to change my situation, I was putting complaints in the way of accomplishing anything. Now, I did not "suck it up and stop complaining", but now I complain only when it is warranted, and I am much happier for it! And I think everyone around me is happier for it too!