Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back from a Mini-Vacation

I "slipped out the back door" for a few days and just got home this evening.

My husband, older son and I (younger son is at sleepover camp) got the key to a friend's cottage on Christian Island in Georgian Bay and managed to get in a few days of serious R&R. The photo is a view from the deck just off the kitchen.

Christian Island is owned by the Beausoleil First Nations Band so the island is home to a combination of year-round First Nations native people and summer cottagers. Everyone seems to get along just fine.

We arrived on Thursday and of course, the rain started pouring down in the evening. I did manage, however, to get in a 50-minute walk along a beautiful, white-sand beach. Let me tell you, walking in the sand is good exercise in of itself. On Friday, the weather was overcast but there wasn't any rain. Hubby, son and I did a 4K walk. On Sunday, we walked to another beach. Again, the beach walking, though it didn't add up to a huge number of steps, was quite the workout.

Of course today, the day we were leaving, was just gorgeous. I did some yoga on the back porch, overlooking the bay. It was a magnificent setting.

There are several things I loved about this cottage experience:
  • no Internet!
  • no cable TV--in fact, no TV reception at all! We did bring our DVDs of the wonderful TV series, Six Feet Under, and watched the last four episodes of Season 4. Number one son asked to watch a Bruce Lee movie that was lying around the cottage. I'm happy to say that it was my first Bruce Lee movie and probably my last.
  • lots of reading: I got through 2 1/2 novels in three days.
All in all, it was a short but sweet little vacation.

Now, I have to catch up on my blog reading!


  1. Sounds just splendid. I am looking forward to some Georgian Bay or Lake Huron time this summer.

  2. Oh that looks beautiful! Always good to recharge the batteries :)

  3. back to real life..lots of emails..