Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Challenge for the No Challenge Girl

Well, dear friends, I usually don't go for challenges. Call me chicken, call me realistic, but challenges are usually not my thing.

Except for this one. Because I KNOW I can do it and because I KNOW it's a good thing.

I invite you all to join me, Sean and Kenz on their Positive Effect Water Challenge. Just drink 64 oz. a day of water. That's 8 glasses, or 2 litres. It's not too much (you really can drink too much), it's doable and your body will thank you.

I guess I should add the same disclaimer that Sean has on his blog:

This message is for those of you interested in joining us for this challenge. Before we begin please be aware that there is such a thing as drinking too much water. Please understand that our personal goals are to drink 64 oz. per day which is widely accepted as a healthy amount of water consumption. Sean and Kenz are not medical or nutritional experts, they are just really cool weight loss bloggers. Please consult a qualified physician before starting any weight-loss regimen.

It's so darn hot out, I'm sure we won't have a hard time reaching this non-weight related goal. Drink up!


  1. It's hot! I'm in ... bring on the water!

  2. Thank you--thank you---thank you!!!

    Very nice! It will be easy! Although---I have to try---I'm not much of a straight water kind of person, ya know? But I will be---and maybe this challenge will help me form a new healthy habit.

    Thanks for being a part of it!!!

    And Splurgie---Have you signed up on mine or Kenz's blog? Just go and leave a comment saying you're in!

    Thank you again my friend,