Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And now, in other news...

Ringo Starr is turning 70.

I was slightly too young to be an original Beatles fan but man, do I still love those guys.

Have a good one, Ringo!


  1. Guitar Hero has introduce the Beattles to a whole new generation. I love that my daughter recognizes their songs!

  2. Ringo was the only one I screamed at when they came to Vancouver in '64. I got two tickets for my birthday and spent the whole concert watching fainting girls being carried off....well...not the whole concert but a goodly portion of it. Quite an experience!!

  3. I too am too young (barely) to remember them live. But I like their music!

  4. Wow! I saw 'The Return' one of those Beatles groups that plays, and boy were they good. My husband said the neat thing is that the technology is so good that they sounded more clear than the Beatles could at the time. But it was... wow.