Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pressing Concerns

I' ve started having hip pain on my operated side. It's only been five years since the last surgery and frankly, I'm freaking out. I haven't called my surgeon yet and I do already have a scheduled appointment in about six weeks. I'm hesitating to call, honestly because I'm afraid of what might be happening. I'll probably call his office at the latest next week.

So please bear with me if I'm a little less present on this site.



  1. Oh, no - I hope it is nothing serious and that you can resume normal activities soon.

    Crossing everything for you.

    and (((hugs))) for the stress and worry.

  2. Hi - so sorry to hear you're having pain - hoping that it isn't as bad as you might be fearing. I will definitely miss reading your excellent posts but totally understand that you need to take some time out. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Wendy. Really sorry that you are in pain. I understand your reticence in calling your surgeon. It takes huge courage to have to face something like this. The only analogous thing for me is having a problem with a tooth and then waiting a week or two to actually call the dentist. All I achieve is just being in pain or discomfort for longer than necessary. But the fear of confronting it is so strong (I'm terrified of the dentist).

    Hope it is not as serious as you think it may be.

    Best wishes to you,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. Take care of yourself and if you have to phone do so!! Let us know how you're doing.
    Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

  5. Hope it works out, and it's nothing too serious. I completely understand why you don't want to call.

  6. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way!

  7. So sorry to hear about your being in pain. Sending healing thoughts your way in hopes that it is nothing too serious. Please call the doctor asap if necessary.