Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Hallowe'en Scary?

There's lots of talk about Hallowe'en in the weight-o-sphere. Some see it as the first day of the hardest season of the year--a time when the floodgates open and junk food rushes in, aided and abetted by the overeating monster. Who needs a costume when you can gussy up that fatsuit all by yourself!

This year, I'm not feeling particularly worried. I will go out and buy a few bags of candy for the kiddies. I don't know whether my boys are planning to go out or not (they're both teenagers now). Maybe I'll get them to man the front door. I just hate jumping up and down to answer the door, especially when it's cold out.

I promise you, I WILL eat a few of those wonderful little packs. I'll probably stick to what I love the most: chocolate. I will enjoy what I eat. I will savour what I eat. I will not inhale it. And I'll make it my treat, not my meal.

Can I trust myself? I think so. A few weeks ago, my younger son had his birthday party. His birthday's actually in the summer, but we celebrate either earlier or later so that he can invite all his school buddies. One of D.'s friends brought him--I kid you not--about a half a dozen bags of candy as a gift. I was not amused, but what's a mom to do? When your kid is 14, you can't just grab the bags and throw them out. At that age, they should have a say. So D. took his favourite candies and hid them away. He eats a few from his stash every day. There were, however, some little licorice pellets that he left out for the guests and there were a lot left over after the party. I put them in a Tupperware in the pantry. I guess I'm like most of us--I hate to throw out food. No one has eaten those candies except me. Every few days, I take a handful and try to eat one at a time. And that's it. It's enough for me. There's still about a week's worth of candy left.

So that's why I'm not worried about Hallowe'en. And since we'll have much better candy in the house for awhile, I might even throw away the rest of the licorice candies. They're OK, but not great.

Are you worried about Hallowe'en?


  1. The way i'm dealing with it is to buy some today and leave them with the hubby to hand out tomorrow while i'm at work :)
    Any left will go to the lunch room where i work!
    Works for me.

  2. Still sick with H1N1 - home on the couch....
    Thank goodness I'm not so much a chocolate fan.
    But you are right - today the free-for-all-food-fest begins!
    And ends in tears on 2nd of January.

  3. It does come down to a matter of trust, doesn't it? When we can enjoy a few pieces of a sweet treat and know that it's not going to send us spinning out of control, I think we can safely say that we're on our way out of the darkness.

  4. Hi. Luckily Halloween is not a big event here so I have no worries about "Halloween Candy". I just worry about too much chocolate every day. I don't need a special event as an excuse, lol.

    But as Jack says, the best thing in the world is to be able to trust yourself and eat "treats" in moderation.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  5. We don't get too many 'trick or treaters' round here. I will buy a bag of mini chocolate bars to give to any that DO turn up. What doesn't get given out will get eaten .........gradually.I can leave chocolate in the fridge.

    Not only is the junk food season on the way - but I am off on holiday for a week in Novmember.

    But I do have something to keep me on track. I have just got tickets for one of Paul McKenna's seminars at the end of January (after Xmas New year and my sons 21st birthday!) If I have struggled over the next few weeks I am sure that will encourage me to get back on track

  6. Other years, Halloween candy derailed me. I couldn't walk by the dining room buffet (that's where we store treats) without taking a "fun size" candy bar. I went through at least a whole bag in 2 days. The resulting gain and depression wasn't fun. This year, I'm taking "the Anti-Jared's" lead and seeing candy as the stuff that keeps me from the life I want to lead. That takes the temptation out of it!

  7. Fortunately, I'm in an in-law, no trick or treaters. I don't tend to live in neighborhoods that people want to trick or treat in, anyway, haven't had to buy candy in 15 years or so. I ate a bite sized Snickers the other day, it was way too sweet. I enjoy sugar, but that was overload, can't imagine I'll want anymore of them. I saw a rasberry flavored tootsie roll yesterday, I'll skip that too. Good chocolate is great stuff, candy can be strange.