Friday, October 9, 2009

Food is Just Food

Here's a confession: I'm not a binge eater. I don't eat to stuff down my feelings, to compensate for past traumas or to make up for disappointment or sadness. The more I read fellow bloggers, the more I realize that my relationship with food is no more disordered than that of most women. Perhaps it's actually in the process of becoming a healthier relationship--less fraught with fear and loathing--than most women have with food.

Please don't get me wrong: I feel great compassion for those of you who have in the past or who continue to use food to deal with serious issues in your life. It's just not my reality.

Here's my reality:

I can't eat a lot. In fact, I can't eat very much, even if I just want to maintain my weight. I'm vertically challenged, peri-menopausal and disability prevents me from doing cardio-vascular exercise so I don't burn many calories. This sucks. But at least food is just food.


  1. You are right. It's interesting how we all have to deal with food in our own way, depending on what challenges we have.

    I have a friend who is barely 5'0" tall and if she eats anything "extra" she gains weight. I always feel for her.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Just because your challenges are different that other folks doesn't mean they're any less formidable.

    However, that photo probably didn't do any of the binge eaters in the house any favors. ;)

  3. My reality is much the same as yours: peri-menopausal, my caloric requirements have gotten even SMALLER... Yet I too stubbornly refuse to cram myself into that straitjacket of rigid dieting/calorie counting. (& my growing assortment of aches n' pains are ramping down what used to be a fairly vigorous physical fitness routine)

  4. Hi Val! Nice to meet a fellow traveller!