Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling a Wee, Tiny Bit Bad About Myself

The ever hysterical Jack Sh*t is challenging us to a half-pound duel. His challenge went out yesterday: lose a whopping half-pound in one week! The audacity of it!

I love reading Jack's blog because he puts a really funny spin on weight loss. He's not Mr. Yeah Hooray today and Mr. Doom and Gloom tomorrow, depending on what the scale says. I like that man.

But Jack's got me feeling a little, wee tiny bit bad about myself.

When first I started this blog, I wrote about myself and my personal struggles. Then, I started moving into more philosophical terrain--food and society, attitudes toward health, food, goodness, badness. I like the idea of discussing the big questions rather than beating myself up about what I ate, or even celebrating that hard-lost pound, yet here I am, talking about Jack's challenge and how it's sort of shaken me up.

I am not taking the challenge, at least not this week. I am quite sure that I have gained at least a kilo over the last few weeks but I have made a pact with myself not to get on the scale for at least another week.

For the past 2 years or so, I have been using a bio-identical progesterone cream, under a doctor's supervision. However, recently, I started questioning the results of the twice yearly blood tests, especially since a saliva test (suggested by my naturopath) to measure my hormones came up with some numbers that were the exact opposite of what the doctor was telling me. I just wasn't feeling good about this doctor anymore and in the meantime, my periods started going crazy--I was having one every two weeks!

So I trundled off to my GP, who recommended that I get off the cream and let my body go back to its natural hormone levels. I feel much relieved to be doing this. There is much to be said for bio-identical creams, but if you don't feel right about the doctor, it's not going to work out. Unfortunately, I believe that the doctor I was seeing is the only one in town who prescribes such creams. Hopefully, I'll be able to find another one eventually whom I really feel I can trust.

It's now been 27 days since my last period, so something might happen in the next few days. For now, I just don't know. If I am going to get my period, this is definitely not the time to be weighing myself. God knows how much water I could be retaining.

A little voice inside me is saying that all this breast-beating might just be the hormones talking...

So Jack, forgive me if I don't take up the challenge and everyone, thanks for listening.

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  1. Everyone assumes I'm just making a gag with my challenge, but (and this is the secret context that I'm only sharing with you, so shhhhhhh...), it's really just a mechanism to reinforce the point that this journey is really about small changes, too. It's about small losses that add up, and small lifestyle modifications that reap large rewards.

    The idea is that a half-pound seems so simple, so doable. Why don't we do it? Why don't we lose a half-pound a week? Time flies, and before you know it, you've got some results to crow about. But it all started with that half pound loss.

    I might be the wrong messenger, but I think it's an important messenge.