Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Blog Roll!!

No, not my fat roll, or my egg blog roll!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but finally remembered to set it up when my resident computer expert (aka my hubby) was around and not too busy with other things. I just needed a push in the right direction (simple, just go to layout and follow the instructions) and voilĂ !, I now have a blog roll.

A blog roll makes you think about who you are. Why is A there, but not B? Why have I listed C when I really don't agree with a lot they have to say? How can I list A, B and C when D, E and F hold completely opposite points of view?

The answer is simple: I'm complicated and I'm contradictory, like most people.

Take a look at the list. You'll find blogs written by serious dieters, some just starting out (some starting out again), some well on their way to success, some struggling mightily. Then there are blogs by anti-dieters in the fatosphere, proponents of HAES (healthy at any size), people who have turned their backs on dieting and started living. Which way do I turn? It just depends on my mood, although as I learn to practise intuitive eating, it becomes harder and harder to overeat. Then again, overeating at my size is one extra bite (slap on hand, stop complaining!). Ha!

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  1. I enjoy reading the blog rolls of other bloggers. It helps me find blogs to follow that I would probably never find by Googling.

    Thanks for following me. If I have at least one person following me, it means I'm not so boring that I put everyone to sleep. :-)