Sunday, June 28, 2009

That Big Eater Colleague of Mine...and Fine Dining

I just wanted to add a little note about the colleague I was working with out of town a few days ago.

Two posts back, I mentioned what a big eater he was and that he didn't have to lose any weight. I take that back. He's starting to get a paunch. That's his business not mine.

And BTW, we didn't go out for a steak. We ate at a lovely restaurant near the smelly hotel where we had to stay. I had a scrumptious plate of mussels and half a glass of wine. My colleague did NOT have desert. I was surprised. Maybe even he felt that after all the food he'd eaten that day, there really was no room for dessert. I admit to being shocked, though.

After supper, I went for a beautiful walk and discovered a charming residential district, tucked in behind the strip malls, fast-food joints and (gotta say it again) smelly hotels.

Tomorrow night, I'll once again be at a hotel, but this time a Sheraton, right at Toronto International Airport. We're working late and starting early the next day, so the client is picking up the tab for a hotel room. It will be strange staying at a hotel with my family just a 40 minute drive away. But I need to be well rested for an early start the next day! Hopefully, the Sheraton serves oatmeal.

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