Thursday, May 6, 2010

Protein--A Quick Note

Source: Encyclopedia of Health

Cottage cheese!

Why didn't I remember it? A small bowl of cottage cheese, packed with protein, is a wonderful way to satisfy true hunger.

How could I have forgotten it for so long?


  1. I too love cottage cheese, by itself or I've mixed it with plain yogurt (preferably Greek) and added chopped veggies, cukes,celery,peppers,etc.etc....and topped it with fresh ground pepper and a hint of paprika.
    So good!!

  2. I forget about it until summer comes along then I want it again (weird I know).

  3. Hi Wendy. When I was a vegetarian I used to love a big plate of veg with a dollop of cottage cheese on top. What could be easier or more nutritious?

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Sorry - I spent too many of my teenaged years subsisting on "my" recipe: cottage cheese sweetened w/applesauce.
    Can hardly LOOK at the stuff anymore!