Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Conference I Can't Discuss

A few days ago, I happily announced that I would be working at a conference that might be of interest to my readers.

Well, I went and it was extremely disappointing. Since it would be highly unprofessional of me to comment extensively and negatively on an event that I was paid to work at, I have removed the original post and will not make any comments here.

I thought that at least I would leave you with a joke as well as a comment from an academic I know (who did not tell me the joke). Together, they might have given you an idea of my disappointment. And then I thought that even the joke and the comment might be misconstrued. Darn.

I can say one thing: Bravo to every single one of you for realizing that you need to move more and actually doing it!!


  1. Darn. And me being a big snoop, now I'm going to wonder what the heck it was about. lol

    Hope it's not snowing your way, Wendy. Suzanne says it's calling for it.
    Yikes! Stay warm and dry.

  2. Hi Wendy. Oh dear! A real bummer.

    But I respect your need to remain silent.

    Bearfriend xx