Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Totally Off Weight

As you have no doubt noticed, I've really been stressed out with work and seriously wondering about my professional future. My latest assignment, which I did on Thursday and Friday--and which I stressed out about for weeks and weeks beforehand--went quite well. Some of what I expected did come to pass, but it went by without my going over the edge emotionally.

This weekend, I felt so light, as if the proverbial huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My sister-in-law and her family made an impromptu visit. They arrived on Friday night and left early on Sunday afternoon. We went to the King Tut exhibit at the Art Gallery--interesting, although the crowds made it hard to take the time needed to really look at things.

My niece continues to worry me. SIL and BIL adopted her when she was four (along with her little brother). They were told very little about her background and don't know why she and her brother were taken away from their parents (her little brother is a darling, BTW). I think it was unethical of child protective services to give her adoptive parents so little information. If they knew more, it would perhaps go a long way to explaining her cold, narcissistic, grasping behaviour. It's obviously none of my business, but I always find it scary being around her. She's only 11. Who knows what she'll be like when she's older.

I'm not feeling particularly bullish about my weight. Eating consciously is not an easy thing. I'm not stuffing myself and eating healthily, but my weight is bouncing around (don't talk about the cookies--if you can't eat a chocolate chip cookie every once in a while, it's a pretty sad life!). Exercise continues to be the sticking point. I've got an appointment in May with a rheumatologist to discuss visco-supplementation, aka Synvisc, which they would inject into my knee. If it helps me to be able to exercise, it will be a godsend. Otherwise, I basically can't do any cardio-vascular exercise. At this point, I'm not feeling too bullish. In a few years, I'll probably have a knee replacement. I'm not looking forward to it since my track record with joint replacements is not the best. We'll just have to see. Message to all: cherish your health!

Today, I actually refused some work next week. I've got things to do and I really didn't need the stress of piling two more work days onto my busy schedule. It was actually a really good thing that I refused: I hadn't written into my agenda that my son is coming back from Spain on Monday and I have to be at the airport at 4 p.m. to pick him up. Bad, bad mom.

We had some beautiful, spring-like weather today and I'm feeling happy and rested. What a change!

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  1. That is odd that the adoptive parents weren't given more information. Aren't they entitled to it??
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