Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A few weeks ago, my older son made chocolate chip cookies for a chemistry project. Yes, chemistry. All the ingredients were listed by their chemical names and the quantities were in things called "moles" (don't ask) and the like. He had to convert everything into everyday English and everyday measurements like teaspoons and grams. It was a hoot and he got an honourable mention from his classmates on the quality of his cookies. One of the kids put in a quarter cup of salt instead of a quarter of a teaspoon. He won for absolute worst cookie.

The cookies were fabulous. I had two.

On Tuesday night, younger son made the same recipe for his Spanish class. It's almost March break and they were having a party to which everyone had to contribute a treat. We got out the crazy recipe and got to work. My son did a good part of the preparation himself although he was impressed with my ability to dollop spoonfuls of cookie dough onto the sheet at lightening speed. It's strange that I can do this quite competently since I didn't learn any of this as a child. I lived in a (mostly) cookie-free zone and when we did have cookies they were bought, not home-made. My mom was just not a baker.

This time, I had a couple of "finger shmooshes" of cookie dough plus half a cookie. Incredibly yummy...and it was enough.

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