Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

As you read this, barring a disaster, I will be either winging my way to the Dominican Republic or already arrived there.

Yes, my (sometimes) frustrating job is taking me south for a few days. Hubby and kids will be staying home, but they have nothing to complain about. Hubby just came back from a business trip to New York, where he also got to do some serious museum hopping; older son just came back from a 10-day school trip to Spain; and younger son might be going to Holland and France this summer with his best friend.

Sometimes my existential wailings sound a bit hollow, I admit.

I know the hotel where I'll be staying has the Internet, so I might get to blog a bit. Should be interesting. I've never been to the DR, although really, I won't see much aside from the very fancy hotel where I'll be staying. I'm planning to swim. That should be great. Oh yes, and I will be working too. No free lunch.

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