Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few months ago, Friend of the Bear gave me the Superior Scribbler Award. Thank you, Bearfriend!

The two kittehs also gave me an award awhile ago. Many thanks to them too.

I may have received another award at some point during the last few months that I've forgotten. If this is the case, thanks to whoever sent it. If not, then I probably have a slightly inflated view of myself. LOL

It does feel nice to get an award, but these Internet awards remind me a bit too much of chain letters. I always refuse to pass chain letters on...except once...and two of the people I passed the letter on to e-mailed me to complain that I had sent it!

I really am very grateful to everyone who reads my blog. Since I have given the URL to perhaps only 1-2 people in my circle of friends (if that), I feel honoured to have the readership that I have today--especially since I am not a fan of dieting!

So if you read this, you too deserve an award!

Congratulations to you all!


  1. LOL! I completely understand the whole chain letter association with awards. Thats why our award, the original, Aren't you the Cat's Meow Award, had no rules or requirements. We truly gave you the award because you have motivated and educated us and we wanted you to know we appreciated your blogging. Thanks again for your great posts! I'll let you know how my big(ger) breakfasts go!

  2. I graciously accept. Thank you.