Friday, March 19, 2010

Killing Yourself on the Internet

A few years ago, I remember reading about an anorexic woman who "live blogged" until about 20 minutes before her death, which was, needless to say, brought on by her anorexic behaviour.

I just came across this newspaper article (* about another woman who is also killing herself on the Internet...from overeating. If you read the article, here's how to do the math: one "stone" equals 14 pounds.

She obviously has a deep-seated attachment to food that has nothing to do with nourishing her body. But the worst part is how she feeds her habit by getting men to pay for the privilege of watching her eat.

It's a sick world out there.

*For some reason, I can't put in links. Must speak to hubby, aka computer man, about this.


  1. I totally agree. Sick world...oh my. What a horrible way to go.

  2. I agree that the worst part is the guys paying to watch her eat. I've seen it two or three dozen times, and frankly, it's just not that interesting. ;)

    Sorry, but sometimes you either gotta laugh at it or cry about it and I'm outta Kleenex...

  3. When i read about this woman the first thing that came to my mind was that she has a mental health problem! To me there's no other reason that someone would do that to themselves!!

  4. i think she just wants the attention

  5. I noticed this article as well, read a link on the BBC. While I agree that this woman does not seem to be making good choices for her life... I also noticed how being an overeater, choosing to be fat, is NEWS. As a contrast, lots of people make poor choices in their life such as drug addiction, gambling, alcoholism, but this doesn't make the headlines. I just noticed how anti-fat the world is on reading the BBC article.

  6. Francesca,

    Very, very insightful comment. I am embarrassed at how I have bought into this fat hatred myself.

  7. I think it's very sad. Not a good role model for her young daughter either.