Wednesday, March 16, 2011



I mull things over way too much. Especially when I go for a walk.

But today, I'm not going to mull, or fume or wonder why...why...why????

It's SPRING!! Yes, at least for today.

I went for my current favourite walk today. It takes about 50 minutes and puts about 5,700 steps on my pedometer. I take very little steps. Comes from being well below 5' tall.

Most of the snow has melted, and after many days of rain and grey skies, the sun was out...well, a little bit. I wore a ski jacket that my older son wore when he was about 14. I didn't take a hat and only wore light gloves. By the time I'd walked 4,000 steps, I took the jacket off for a minute or so. The gloves had long gone into my pockets.

Here's my important message of the day to myself (and to you, if you want it): Love life. Appreciate the fact that you can get out and about.

I'm so happy it's spring.


  1. Can not agree with you more: Love Life!! Simple, but very important. Nice work on the 5700 steps.

  2. Thanks for the message, Michele. BTW, I hit my 10K steps today!

  3. Love to walk, but not alone. Got my friend (human) by my side. When we leave the stars are overhead in the darkness, and by the time we return the sunrise is just barely showing on the mountain edges, a mere promise of daylight. Within weeks we will watch the sunrise and sing our songs of love to the universe (she is a shaman, so...) as the colors melt into the horizon then burst forth in full. The owls will be hurrying home to their roosts, swooping over our heads on silent wings.

    Yes. Glorious all. Celebrate each day.


  4. The older and wiser I get, and the healthier in both mind and body, the more I love life. Thank you for putting this into words for me.

  5. Great message! I will take it to heart. :)