Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Persona Non Fata

I finally understood today that most bloggers don't want any suggestions. They either want to hear others say that they've "been there too, I'm with you, yeah it's tough" or else "you go, girl", even it means go on and keep starving yourself.

I've got to remember not to respond to most blogs. I know that I've definitely made myself "persona non fata" for certain people.


  1. Looking over blogs I'd saved in favorites I came across yours...I like a lot of what you have to say. I think you say the truth, which is what many of us don't want to hear. :)

    When I blog and leave my comment enabled I know that I might hear something I don't want to. So, personally, I just don't blog about things I'm not willing to endure the criticism about. :)

    Of course, by telling you this I know I'm opening myself up to any comment you leave on my blog. LOL But you know what, some good honest views is what we should all wish for.

    As the saying goes, "The truth hurts, but it'll set you free."

    I love what you've had to say about the different factors that lead to weight gain, and learning self acceptance. I, too, am shocked at how many people have such a harsh self-hatred of themselves with regards to their weight. I used to be like that, but I learned to love myself if I never lost another pound. That was 20 pounds before I hit my highest weight and actually started my journey.

    Sorry for long comment, but I appreciate your view of things. Keep it up! Have a good day!

  2. My blog: leahs-new-ending.blogspot.com

  3. People seem to need to stay within their current worldview even if it contradicts their own experience of *reality*. As harsh as the outcome and consequences of the worldview, the alternative is a leap into the unknown. A *place* most contempory members of our culture are reluctant to go because it involves an outcome that is neither predictable nor controllable.

    I guess I'm saying they would rather clutch tight to their illusion of control than risk whatever it means to let go...


  4. I like what you say. I like honesty. Never be afraid to speak on mine...kay?

  5. I just can't imagine that you are so offensive. It seems to me that every time you even broach something modestly controversial, you package it in layers of verbal bubble wrap to protect the easily offended. You are the paragon of politeness. You aren't persona non fata at my place.

  6. Also, it is possible to study the weight loss blogs without commenting. That's what I do with several typical sin-and-redemption themed blogs. I suppose this interest comes from years of loving literary analysis and observing patterns.

    One common pattern goes like this: if I am sufficiently redeemed of my sins (through sacrifice and hard work, etc) then I can choose to remain thin. Like believing I can use will power (agency) to do good instead of bad. Sigh. You can almost see a kind of light go on in their minds, a wonderful feeling of "I am set free!" or "I am saved!" (from that other life of morbid whatever) through my choices and/or goodness.

    Very important to witness the whole process sometimes, I find, because even the most painful observed experiences yield insights.


  7. You are a brave woman, Rebecca. I find that I start to suffer from something akin to PTSD when I read too many of these blogs. Then I take a break and then I get curious again.

    I really like your analysis, though. It makes a lot of sense!