Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes, They Are Different

Remember model/ actress Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant's former girlfriend?

Apparently, after giving birth, Liz holed up at Elton John's house eating nothing but oatcakes until she'd lost all the baby weight. At least, that's what this article says.

I'm sure Sir Elton (who's married to a Canadian, BTW!) has a lovely place and made Ms. Hurley feel right at home. I certainly wish I could take that kind of time off in such lovely surroundings, but hey, I'm a regular person.

On the other hand, eating nothing but oatcakes for an extended period of time might come back to bite the lovely Elizabeth on the derrière when she grows old and grey and finds she's suffering from osteoporosis.

But in the meantime, she's skinny again.


  1. the funny thing is...(and while I am a big believer in letting people 'do their own thing'..) What about the baby?
    Was she breast feeding?
    I doubt it.
    that's what the mammary are for, not for lookin good in a swimsuit.
    Sad that women put so much stock in getting skinny and not enough into nourishing their own children. Breast milk (if a woman is able) is the best thing for a baby. Most formula has corn syrup in it as a main ingrediant. I wonder how many woman know ingrediant I would bet ms. hurley would not ingest herself.

  2. Chris, That's a really good point. I don't think you can breastfeed while eating only oatcakes. Actually I have a breastfeeding post somewhere in my head just waiting to come out. Stay tuned.

  3. The most rapid weight loss I've ever experienced in my LIFE was my 3 wks postpartum period...
    I lost 21 lbs, a lot of it ramping up to lactation (I breast-fed my son exclusively for 6 mos, then supplementally until he was 20 mos) & I was eating like the proverbial HORSE, staying on a fairly even nutritional keel but certainly not "dieting"!

  4. I lost weight after my kids, but not like that! I can't imagine just eating oatcakes for weeks and weeks. I get bored after one or two days of the same food. By the way - you were right about your comment on the friend post - I think she felt threatened by the "new me."

  5. Hi New Me,

    I think this is my first visit to your blog. I really appreciated your comment to Lyn's post about food exposure - you emphasized the psychological underpinnings of addiction and suggested she continue working on unraveling her own related history.

    I totally agree with you about this - I also am a genuine food addict (and recovering alcoholic for 19 years), and at the core of addiction there is almost always unresolved and unacknowledged pain that fuels the addictive process. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to browse your archive - I see you think a lot like I do!

  6. It is interesting how the rich and famous choose to lose weight. I guess we all can get sucked into fad diets, but most of us don't have the option to hole up somewhere until the weight is off.

    BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog.