Friday, August 27, 2010

Shh. Don't Mention It to Him...

Great news! My husband actually went for his first general check-up in...hold your hats...oh, well over twenty years.

Living in Canada, this is not a money/insurance issue. We have universal health care, for which I am eternally grateful. But that's another post entirely.

In my husband's case, though, I think not going to the doctor's is more a combination of having lots of other things to do, a bit of laziness and maybe...not wanting to hear any less than stellar news.

His check-up is in two parts. He went for his first visit with the GP last week. The doctor said that his many moles were nothing to worry about (I'm relieved) but that he has slightly high BP. On Wednesday, he had an ECG (I think that's what it was.) Not a complicated test (I've had the same one myself), but he had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours afterwards (I didn't). He'll be going back for part two of the visit in October since he's extremely busy at work in September.

I'm so happy about these visits. We've actually already been able to start talking about how he eats and he seems much more receptive. As I've mentioned before, he's not a junk food eater. His food choices are excellent, but he eats big mouthfuls very quickly and I think that this is part of why he's gained quite a bit of weight since we met. I'm hopeful that his meetings with the doctor will help us to become more of a team when it comes to our health.

Sshh, don't mention I've said anything. LOL


  1. My lips are sealed. You probably have more positive influence on him than you know.

  2. I will not tell him, but I'm glad that he went. My husband HATES going for check-ups. I have to beg him.

  3. Men are such wusses when it comes to doctors. Mine isn't quite as bad... I know how to scare him straight (of course, it helps that he has 2 grandfathers who died of strokes, that helps keep pressure on the blood pressure issue).

    Good job on gently nudging him along!