Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Terribly Strange!


You all know how I natter on about intuitive eating. I'm sure you've remarked to yourself on occasion that if it was so powerful, how come she hasn't reached her goal weight yet. And if you're a regular reader, you'll know that I have some good reasons.


Intuitive eating only works if you actually do it...just like WW points or Sean's calorie counting coupled with his "steel curtain zone".

Well, after spending a considerable amount of emotional and physical time and energy to come to the conclusion that exercising more intensely is in of itself an exercise in futility, I just realized that I did something simple and amazing today.

I really did put off the gratification and truly ate intuitively. I had a small lunch of left-over tuna salad (that's a real salad with lots of veg, a little tuna and my own dressing rather than the traditional tuna loaded with mayo and nothing else) and a lovely piece of pumpernickel bread with butter and was about to return to the fridge for some cherries when suddenly I actually listened to my stomach, which was telling me firmly but politely that I had eaten enough and was full. Whereupon I took my fifth glass of water of the day and headed upstairs to my office.

I probably will have those cherries today and some fine tasting cherries they will be, but I'll have them when I'm hungry.


  1. It all sounds so normal. Isn't that the amazing part?

  2. When it starts to come naturally that's when you know your on the right path.