Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You, Dr. Oz


On Tuesday, I was watching the Dr. Oz show and doing some exercise. It's not a show I watch very often because I think this show--like many other shows on TV today--indulges in a lot of fear mongering: this time, it was how your make-up is going to kill you. Look it up if you want to find out more.

But Dr. Oz did have one guest on the show who I thought was great. He interviewed a woman in her forties who had lost 75 pounds and then helped her husband to lose 100 pounds. She did it without joining any particular diet group or "movement" and without joining a gym. She did it by learning about good nutrition and moving her body. Nothing new there. Good common sense, nothing revolutionary.

But here's what I really loved about this woman (whose name I cannot remember) and about Dr. Oz:

She's not skinny. She's got a muffin top. But she's one happy gal, she's now a certified personal trainer who works with overweight people and her inner numbers are great (good vs. bad cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc.). Three cheers for this wonderful woman.

And three cheers for Dr. Oz for introducing millions of people to the face of someone who is very healthy, but still looks like a regular human being. Never once did he ask her if she was planning to lose more weight or make her body more streamlined. He was blown away by how healthy she was--no ifs ands or buts.

So thank you, Dr. Oz!!


  1. I like Dr. Oz although there are some times I have turned him off because of the scare tactics. He often has weight loss stories though and I love these. He is most interested in the health changes from weight loss rather than the appearance of the person. I have known people who were overweight who are not happy unless they are a size 4 or 6. It is good to see health and not dress size emphasized for a change. I'm still working on a muffin top but it is not everything in my life. I am most happy with the changes in my habits.

  2. What! A woman who doesn't hate her body!?!? Outrageous, especially on a health show! Maybe it'll become a trend, and then who will buy ads on his show? I don't watch Dr. Oz too much either, though when it's been on, I don't roll my eyes as much as I do with most of his type of show.

  3. Don't think we can get Dr Oz on this side of the pond - but good for him for concentrating on health rather than appearance.

    Hating your body is such a destructive thing - and I think you need to love and accept yourself as you are before you can attempt to change yourself .

  4. What a wonderful thing! She should be commended for all she has accomplished! I like his show and if you read my blog tomorrow you'll see why!

  5. I agree. INNER numbers is something I write about on my blog a lot. There are numbers more important than the numbers on the scale.