Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Less Blogging

In my neck of the woods, autumn brings with it cooler weather, falling leaves and an insane work schedule. Starting this week, I will be working up a storm and driving to various exciting and not so exciting places in lovely southern Ontario to work at conferences great and small. I'm doing so many different topics, I can't even remember what's what. That's why I have an agenda and a computer, as well as a filing cabinet full of notes on various subjects.

Since returning from vacation, I have tried to blog every weekday and I think I've been quite successful. This pace unfortunately can't continue, at least for the time being.

I do want to just touch base a little bit tonight as I write from my hotel room: I worked all day at a conference and then drove three hours (it took me practically an hour to get out of the city at rush hour) to a conference where I'll be working tomorrow. I forgot to pack some fruit in the morning and ended up wrapping up a muffin from the breakfast they were serving at today's conference to tide me over during my long drive.

Yes, I had the muffin and it didn't taste all that good but I was hungry and I needed some energy to get me to my destination.

Actually, the real "test" was having supper at the hotel restaurant tonight. The waitress brought me several slices of beautiful sourdough bread accompanied by oil, balsamic vinegar and a red-pepper dip. I looked at this beautiful spread and literally told myself to wait a bit because I felt that if I ate it, I really wouldn't have room for supper. I ordered some wonderful liver and bacon, with lightly steamed veggies and mini-potatoes and a small glass of red wine. I actually ignored the bread, with little to no regret, ate all my veggies, a bite of potato, most of the liver, some of the bacon and drank my modest glass of wine. I had a decaf coffee for desert. I made pleasant but intelligent choices. I did not clean my plate, though I could have. I really did eat enough.

Yes, it really is about choices, as Sean Anderson constantly reminds us. Thank you Sean.

Right now, I'm totally exhausted but I'm going to do a bit of yoga and then go to bed. I will be reading your blogs as regularly as possible and blogging when I have the time.

Stay tuned!


  1. Take it easy. A daily blogging schedule is hard to keep up with, as I find myself. I hope you get the rest you deserve!

  2. Daily blogging is a lot. I'm on the once or twice a week plan, will probably do less and less. Good luck with all your working! Your food sounds fine (except for liver, but that's just me). I don't love when I forget my snacks and have to eat muffins or cookies, but that's how it goes sometimes, no foul no harm, really (unless it conveniently becomes every single time, but then that's a different problem).

  3. I would never be able to blog daily if I had a job... It's very time consuming.

    Well done on eating until you're satisfied!

  4. Good for you!! Just your description of that bread had my mouth watering.
    I agree. Blogging is time-consuming. Real life comes first. I should listen to that advice for myself. :)

  5. Kudos to you for making the healthy choices and not over-eating. You seem very in tune with your body, and that is just awesome. :)

  6. Popping in to say hello friend.
    Whenever you're around I'll be reading.

  7. Just came across your blog today. I am a fellow Canadian here in Southern Ontario.

    Great foods choices!

  8. LOL about Collingwood. I love it there!