Monday, September 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you, Hanlie, for bestowing upon me the Honest Scrap Award! Where to start? Ten things about me? Hmm:

1. I'm very concerned about social justice and democracy in the world. If we don't all work together, we're going to lose our planet.

2. For six years, I studied full-time to become an opera singer. I did not have a professional career, but it was worth it anyway.

3. I often think that reincarnation is true. If it is true, I was no doubt French in a past life. I wanted to learn French from a very young age although I knew no one who spoke the language.

4. There are three (four?) degrees of separation between me and the man who wrote the theme music for the James Bond movies. He's my cousin's husband's ex-brother-in-law.

5. I am an only child and swore that I would have more than one child unless physically unable to do so. Fortunately, I had two. I absolutely hate being an only child. I was greatly loved but not spoiled. I actually had a lot of responsibility and had to grow up fast because I had no siblings.

6. I love singing soul and Motown music...even more than singing opera.

7. I still cry at the end of "La Traviata" and "La Bohème" even though I've heard these operas many, many times and obviously know that the heroine is going to die.

8. I absolutely adore reading murder mysteries. I love British authors in particular.

9. I did not take my husband's name when I married. I made this decision on principle and also because in Quebec, where I was married, by law a woman must use her maiden name for all legal purposes.

10. I love travelling to foreign countries. I wish I could retire to the south of France NOW!

It's hard to pick just ten bloggers. Some of the people I'd like to hear about have already been tagged, but here are some more names:

1. Francesca at Small Changes
2. JulieBean
3. Spunky Suzi
4. Sean Anderson (I doubt he has the time!!)
5. Jack Sh*t
6. Lyn at Escape from Obesity
7. Fitcetera
8. Carb Tripper
9-10 etc. Anyone reading this should consider themself tagged. I'd love to learn more about you!


  1. Ah, what you learn about people with these great awards! You totally deserve it!

    An opera singer? That's so impressive. One of my roommates in college was an opera major, and boy was she good!

    Thanks for sharing - it was fascinating!

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! I loved reading your 10 items and knowing a little more about you.

    PS. re your number 8 - have you tried Susan Hill's crime novels? she used to write just fiction but in recent years has produced a crime trilogy. Extremely good writer!

  3. Thanks for the nod, even tho I did my Honest Scrap post today, too. Appreciate the thought.

  4. Hi Leslie. I've spent a lot of time in the last couple of years reading Maigret - Lucky that Simenon write so many of them. I've also discovered Lord Peter Wimsey. These days my time passes in a whirl of Sherlock and Poirot on the TV.

    So lovely to be able to sing. My voice broke at 16 I've hardly been able to squeak out a note since then!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  5. Thank you very much!
    Back at you!

  6. I loved your list! Opera? Who knew?

    And congrats on your award!

  7. Congrats on the award! I loved reading your list too! I think it is so cool the things I have been learning about all my fellow bloggers with their lists of ten things.

  8. I'll make time for you! Loved your list!
    My best always!!!


  9. I would pay money to hear you sing, I bet it's amazing.


  10. nice list....opera...very difficult. My daughter is studying french right now, she is in her second year.
    Have a great day.

  11. That's a very interesting law that they have in Quebec.
    Yes, sing us song. Congrats on your award.

  12. I am also impressed. My best friend from school also studied to become an opera singer, but his father's failing health prevented him from pursuing an opera career. He's been farming (very successfully) for years and sings at weddings, etc.

    I also didn't know about the maiden name law... Interesting!

    I also love murder mysteries, but strangely not the British kind.