Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Really OK

Oh how I harp! I'm a mother, I have to repeat things over and over sometimes so the kids get it.

Alas, my harping tends to extend to my blogging too. Please bear with me.

You can't be "good" all the time! I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's this obsession with never falling off the wagon or going off plan that totally destroys us.

It's a fine balance: staying focused while not beating oneself up over imperfections. Some people need the "kick in the butt" approach. These are the people who do well at boot camp. These are the people who have lived relatively happily with their excess poundage. I don't think most women fit this category.

I know some of my fellow bloggers will jump on me over this blanket statement, but I stick to my guns. Most women are almost constantly appalled at themselves. Most women are quick to call themselves failures after eating one cookie or drinking one mocha coffee. Most women need constant reassurance as well as a reminder that even one pound lost is good. How many people think that a week where they've only lost one pound is a sign of failure? Be honest with yourself. I'm sure that most of us have felt this way much too often.

No, it's not OK to pat yourself on the back because you're going to start eating well TOMORROW. Because that special "tomorrow" might never come. However, it is OK, in fact it's necessary to celebrate each and every good thing you do for yourself and build on each of those little steps you've taken in the right direction. Every day.

Here's one last harangue:

It's your weight, your weight loss and your way of losing weight. Nobody else's. Learn from your friends (in real life and on the Internet), but don't try to do it their way. If you use a weight-loss approach or method that doesn't work for you, it's not your fault. It's just not the right way for you. The diet industry is the only industry that fails most people. And what do people do? They blame themselves for this failure rather than the product! If it were any other product or service we would rightly think it's crap and move on! Think about it.


I just finished listening for the first time to a relaxation/meditation CD I ordered. What was the one phrase that was repeated over and over? "You're OK." The universe works in mysterious ways.

I will be working with this CD for a few weeks and intend to report back. Stay tuned.


  1. I've been losing about 1 pound per week, and while I don't feel like a failure, I am impatient. But, I keep plugging along and I know I'll get there if I stay MOSTLY consistent. Blogging is helping tremendously.

  2. I've been happy with my relatively slow loss, but some days when I see other people's huge numbers, I do feel a bit "left behind". But I really believe that I'm on the right path, so I'll accept the pace... At least I know that I'm gaining momentum and not losing it.

  3. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it, and not just because I totally agree with everything you said!:-)

  4. Ahh...balance. Finding it in your diet and in just everyday life is what it's all about.