Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Would You Be Happy?

I found this picture on We're the Real Deal, a blog that brings together a number of different women bloggers including some weight-loss bloggers like MizFit and Roni as well as body-image/eating disorders bloggers like MamaV.

How do you feel about this woman? Personally, I think she's gorgeous and that she has probably had at least one c-section. That's a typical post c-section tummy, unless you're Madonna and started working out full-time with your personal trainer as soon as your ob-gyn gave you the OK.

Apparently, she's a plus-size model! Is it any wonder virtually every woman dislikes her own body?


  1. she is plus size? Then we do have our work cut out for us dont we...

  2. If she's a plus size then how in the world does that make most of us feel?

    The media distortion is just crazy isn't it?

    Oh, I think she is stunning, although I wish she had some clothes on!

  3. That belly looks very familiar. I've had two c-sections.

  4. Plus size ? really this amazed me. I thought she looked strong and healthy - This just reminds us all how the media affects our perceptions!

  5. I can't believe that's plus-size either. I think she looks great!

    Totally looks like my stomach, with some extra stretch marks thrown in from having twins.

    Cindy in Co

  6. I think her body is just perfect...
    And she's plus-size? It helps me to relax a little about my body...

  7. Is that a thong? The horizontal line across her hips.
    Looks disproportionate.
    Maybe postpartum, like you said.

  8. I already saw this pic at "Echo of Me", listed on my blogroll. I fell out of my chair when Andrea told me it was in Glamour magazine....I couldn't believe it. And yes, that is what society calls Plus Size these days. But when you've been 340 lbs like I have, you'll take that kind of Plus Size any day!