Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Quick Hello from the Cottage!

Well, we've been here for about ten days of mostly rain, but it's still a wonderful place to be. We're heading down to Montreal for a few days at the World Science Fiction Convention--my husband is a huge SF fan. I'm actually going back to the cottage earlier with the boys while hubby stays for more SF fun and games.

I haven't been doing as much exercise as I like. What with the rain, there's not much swimming and I've been quite lazy about the yoga (not totally though, I do some yoga every 2-3 days). Yesterday, we all went for a long walk along the road running by the cottage. It was fairly safe going in the opposite direction from the village, though not particulary interesting. I may try to do it again nevertheless, just to get moving a bit more.

Food-wise, I can't say that I've been particulary conscious nor terribly laissez-faire. Am I dreading the scale when we get home? Slightly. I may tweek things for a few days before weighing myself. I really don't think anything terrible has happened. My skinny jeans still fit!

It's great to see that you, my faithful readers, are still dropping by. I'll be doing a quick scan of your blogs too while I have access to a computer.

See you soon!


  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time! Don't dread the scale, it will all be fine.

  2. Sounds like you're seriously able to maintain a level approach regardless of your situation. Nice job my friend!

    Yoga, very cool.

    My best

  3. Sorry about the bad weather in regards to your exercise. Hope you're still enjoying your lovely little vacation! :)

  4. Well, I hope that despite the rain you're finding time to relax and leave the rat race behind.
    You don't "really" have to get on the scale do you?
    I mean for a week or so.
    you've enjoyed yourself ... sounds like you're balancing things out.
    I hope you have some good weather as well to balance things out.

    my word verification was: blessrec! how fitting is that, eh?