Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slowly, Ma'am, Step Away From the Scale

I just did a little Google search for the term "scale bingeing" and I think I am the one who coined it although everyone should feel free to use it.

Scale bingeing is basically weighing oneself obsessively, several times a day. First off, you're not going to lose any more weight by checking the scale more than once a day. And you'll just feel obsessed and (usually) depressed.

I go through bouts of scale bingeing myself and I don't like it one bit. While on vacation, I was lucky enough to be far away from all scales, but as soon as I got home, out came my sleek, glass-topped digital "friend", who gave me the news that I had gained about four pounds. That was last Tuesday and since then, I have taken two of those pounds off, just eating normally and doing more walking and yoga than when I was on vacation. I even tried the exercise bike once, wearing my knee brace. I was only on for 10 minutes, but it was nice and the brace was helpful. I can't do the bike very much or too often due to my mis-aligned knee, but it's comforting to know that once in awhile, I can hop on without my knee blowing up (swelling more than usual, that is).

Now, after a week of weighing (I binged the first few days but then managed to get down to once a day), I think it's once again time to step away from the scale. Being at a hotel for the next two days for work will be a helpful kick-start to this decision.

I know Sean at the Daily Diary of a Winning Loser and Karen at Fitcetera will totally back me up on this. It is most definitely the right decision for me.


  1. Yeah, but I coined the phrase "coin the phrase."

  2. I do weigh everyday, and did when I was losing my weight too. Everyone feels differently about how often to weigh. For me, it's an accountability partner. For others, it absolutely drives them crazy!

  3. I also weigh everyday, kind of wish i could do it just once a week but that would probably stress me out more!

  4. I used to weigh once per week, but I found myself obsessing over what my weight would be. Now, I weigh once per day. I'm not even tempted to get on more than that, as I know it would depress me. But, I'm with Diane - I use the scale to stay accountable.

  5. Like the "scale bingeing" phrase!
    I'm trying to break my own habit of scale bingeing by weighing once every 2 weeks... hoping that I should see some real change in that time period.

  6. I used to weigh myself every morning, and the weight that showed would colour my whole day. A pound more and I would be severely depressed for the rest of the day. I decided in the end that it wasn't worth it.

    I don't weigh myself at all anymore. I know where I am by what clothes fit me (or not) and I've been in this game for long enough to know what 4lbs (or whatever) on or off looks like.

    I feel like I'm wimping out by not weighing and I'm sure if I got on the scales now would motivate me to get moving but I just can't go back to my whole life being determined by a number on the scale.

    So I think you've made the right decision, and I admire your sanity in general on the whole weight issue!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend XX

  7. I never weigh. Except for when I do.
    Which is not often. My own body and my clothes tell a much better story of my success.

  8. Like Diane and Amy, I prefer once a day. I don't get emotional about the ups and downs, I just want to watch the downward trend. I have no room for the scale in my new shoebox apt, so I'll pick a scale at the gym and visit it when I'm there.

  9. I usually weigh twice a day, morning and night...and then skipping a couple of days inbetween. I weigh Friday mornings for weigh-in...then I weigh Monday mornings to see the damage from the weekend (way less structure than my weekdays), then on Wednesday, when I know I've got 2 more days til weigh day.

    I screwed up and weighed this past Sat night and everything went to Hell, lol. I got upset..emailed Sean...he told me to throw the dang thing out the window, lol. Smart man... but I can't do it yet. I still say scale bingeing is way better than food bingeing. :)

  10. You have a Lovely Blog Award waiting for you on my site !
    Thanks for your blog - I very much enjoy reading it.