Sunday, August 30, 2009


Repeat after me: the BMI is crap. Repeat again.

And if you still have your doubts, read this:

And here's a little personal example: When I was hyperthyroid, I lost weight. Unfortunately, it was all muscle. So in effect, I had a lower BMI, a lower weight and a higher fat to muscle ratio.

The best way to know if you've lost fat and not muscle is to try on your pants. Tighter = more fat. Looser = less fat. But don't forget: less fat/more muscle doesn't necessarily translate into lower poundage.


  1. My daughter (sophomore in school) says she dreads when the gym coach weighs measures and does a bmi on everyone of the girls. She wears a size 12 and I think looks just fine but she says she's the fattest girl in her grade and is mortified for him to measure her in front of everyone else. Why do they have to do that? These poor girls. I have never had a bmi done. And I love putting on my pants and they just keep getting looser and looser! Enjoy your blog.

  2. Zaababy,

    Why don't you print out the article on the BMI that I mentioned and give it to the gym coach? Shake him up, a bit!

  3. BMI is crap. BMI is crap. Getting into a waist size 40 jeans when I started at 64---that's real. Zaa fitting into smaller jeans is real---you fitting into smaller jeans is real. Going lower toward our optimal weight is even more real. BMI is crap! BMI is crap!

    My best always

  4. I like your method of measurement. Makes perfect sense to me!

  5. Why should concerns about numbers? Just listen to what people say about you,pick one who will not lie about you and you're done...

  6. good LORD I AGREE.

    went to the proverbial mat on this one (BMI) with my daughters pediatrician...

  7. I agree too! There is now way, given my build - big boned - and the fact that I'm building muscle, that I will ever reach a normal BMI, unless I stop exercising and start starving myself. That's just not going to happen. I want to be lean, toned and heavy.