Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beyond Lettuce

On our first night home from vacation, we decided to eat something quick that didn't require cooking and chose one of our favourites: tuna salad.

For some reason I'll never understand, when most people think of tuna "salad", they think of a can of drained tuna, mashed with a whole lot of mayo and a few measly pieces of celery as "vegetable" content. That's not our family tuna salad at all!

When we make a tuna salad, it's a real salad, full of greens, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, walnuts and tuna, topped off with my home-made dressing (a variation on French vinaigrette).

So what made this salad different?

Instead of my favourite, frizzy lettuce, we used ARUGULA.

We've bought arugula (I think it's called rocket in Britain and Oceania) before, but this was the first time it was the basic green in the salad. It's got a slightly spicy taste and combined with the other ingredients, it was absolutely fantastic.

I do not work for the arugula marketing board (does one exist??). I'm just a new convert. Try it, you'll like it!

And even more on the lettuce front:

Yesterday's supper salad was a fairly traditional Greek salad, made with romaine lettuce--also a real winner.

Today's message: Mix up your greens. You'll love them even more!


  1. In my obese days, the only green things I ate were canned green beans and iceburg lettuce. I know that's terrible, but it's what it was. I too have discovered the joys of different lettuces and even my children like them.

    Thanks for the message!

  2. Many thanks from all of us at the Arugula Marketing Board. You check (and another box of arugula) is in the mail...

  3. I love arugula!!! Love to mix it with romaine and fresh spinach!!

  4. Rocket is easy to grow if you want to grow your own, it grows all year round even in my windswept hillside vegetable patch. In salads I like to combine it with blander lettuce or other salad leaves because the home grown stuff can be a bit overpowering. Your salads sound delicious.

  5. Thank you for the lettuce all kinds!!