Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Crappy Knee

This past Sunday (Mother's Day), I took a three-hour flight to Regina, worked there that day and on Monday and then took another three-hour plus flight home. On Tuesday, my knee gave me hell. Apparently, even air pressure changes can have an effect on the knee and taking two fairly long flights in two days could have been enough to send my knee over the edge.

On Thursday, I saw the orthotist, who gave me a sturdier 1/4" lift (the only I was using in my shoes was being squished down when I walked) and told me to call next week. I also saw my acupuncturist (they're in the same office), who prescribed some horribly expensive (natural) anti-inflammatories, which I've been taking since Thursday night.

Yesterday, my yoga therapist and I did some knee exercises and I felt fine afterwards.

This morning, my knee feels its usual "puffy" and uncomfortable self.

I feel a bit down, since I'm nowhere closer to being able to exercise.

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