Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eclectic Reading

The Internet's a weird place (well, duh!). No, seriously. I've always felt like it's a huge, pitch-black space where I going wandering, my hands out, hoping to touch something interesting that I can't see. Sort of like Helen Keller, no offence to that amazing woman.

My favourite "seeing eye dogs" on the Internet are Google and Youtube. I'm probably a techno-peasant compared to many out there, but that's what I use.

So, where have I been going?

Recently, I've been on a fat acceptance blog kick. You might think that's strange, considering I started this blog as part of my personal quest to lose weight. But I have to tell you, there are some brilliant women out there who can tell us all a thing or two about our relationship to food. If you're interested, here are a few blogs of interest:
fat fu
the Rotund
Big Fat Deal
Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder

I'm interested in these blogs because I'm so personally anti-diet. My heart breaks for the women out there who beat themselves up over everything they put in their mouthes. I really think that the more you beat yourself up, the less chance there is that you will ever make a permanent, healthy change to your relationship with food and ultimately to your weight.

From time to time, I also spend a weird hour or so cruising the anorexia videos on youtube. Most are tragic cries for understanding, stories of losing loved ones or of almost losing oneself. When I was about 15, I went on my first diet, which consisted of only ingesting liquids one day a week and being incredibly "careful" about what I ate the rest of the week. I lost about 15 pounds and of course gained it all back and more. There's a bit of the anorexic in many of us.

Then there are the more conventional weight loss blogs. I've got to make a blog roll soon--as soon as I get my resident IT person to show me how (lol). There are some lovely, brilliant women (and even some men...) out there!

I've got to start googling "intuitive eating" ASAP. For me, that's the middle road, the one that I am working on following.

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