Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Birthday Present!

Tomorrow, May 22, is my birthday. I wasn't sure if I would mention it or not, but I just have to tell you about the gift my husband just gave me (a bit early, but I think he just couldn't wait!).

And here it is:...A really cool, slinky black T-shirt with a picture of President Obama and the slogan "Yes We Can". So now you know where I align on the political spectrum!

I'm really pleased with this gift. It's not huge (actually I got the big gift for our anniversary on May 3rd--a gorgeous pair of amber earrings) but it shows how well he knows me and what I like. He was in New York at a conference recently and that's where he picked up the earrings and the T-shirt. That's my guy!!

And we're going out to a great little French restaurant near our house for my birthday dinner once everyone's home from work and school.

I'm sure we'll have fun!


  1. hey !
    We're in time zone when we're both having our bdays : May 22nd in Canada, May 23rd in France. (Plus, it's my 30th)
    Hope you enjoy the French restaurant !