Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recommended Reading and Further Whining

When I first discovered Paul McKenna's system, I scoured the Internet for people following his method to see what they were saying. I discovered "The Blog of 30 Day Trials", written in English by a fellow in France. He tried McKenna in the summer of 2008 and for the most part was quite bullish about the system. Once the month was over, however, he went on to other things and didn't mention McKenna again, until 30 days ago when he again started following the system, much more strictly this time. Again, I read his blog religiously and recommend that anyone interested in the McKenna method read about his experience (

I totally agree with my French friend that the McKenna method--which was actually first developed by Geneen Roth in the States and exists in various forms elsewhere in the world (the 30-day blog cites a Dr. Zermati in France, for instance)--makes the most sense as a long-term, healthy approach to eating and being able to maintain a healthy weight.

However, this does not solve my own personal problem: the fact that I have absolutely no wiggle room in how much I can eat. I am one step up from a person of normal height who has a severe handicap. I am no longer severely handicapped, but I am so small that I am terribly limited in the number of calories I can ingest, given the fact that I cannot do cardio-vascular (i.e. calorie burning) exercise. I feel like I am constantly up against an impossible wall. Unless I watch every mouthful of food I eat and swim EVERY day, I am pretty well doomed to weight loss failure. Since I have other things to do in life besides swimming (like working and taking care of my family), I really can't see any way forward.


I should be refering myself back to my own post on dialectical and non-dialectical thinking at this point. Is my goal truly impossible? Can I at least imagine a sort of "neutral" point, where I gently listen to my full signal, while refraining from cruelly and constantly repeating to myself how fiendishly difficult it is for me to lose weight?


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